Sunday, June 27, 2010

13 of 26: a very special world cup addition

ever since i was a little kid, every time i read a book, i always look to see where the exact center of the book is. i’m not sure if i do this because i don’t like reading and i just want to be done, or if it gives me some sort of prospective.

at any rate, during this past week there was some bright shinning hour that represented the exact center of my peace corps service. there is equal time since i’ve arrived as there is till i leave. perhaps this provides some sort of prospective.


soccer teams and fans from around the world have gathered in south africa to compete in a contest known as the world cup. and it's extraordinary!

of the things i want from my time living here, is an expanded knowledge about the game that all the world loves but calls by the wrong name. many of my friends from minnesota, love soccer, play soccer, watch soccer, and make up different games involving the soccer ball and a special location in portland square park, duluth, mn.

on the whole, i never completely understood soccer. believe you and me, it showed... and shows.

so world cup time in my village is great because the cafe owner brings his big screen tv from home and hangs it up outside the café on the patio. and people gather around three times a day to watch different teams, most of the time just wanting a good match and to cheer against whoever i am cheering for.

and with some of the excellent playing on behalf of the united states, it has been an excellent time in the café lately. even up through last nights excellent show against ghana. (darn…)


our program staff have announced where they will be placing the members of the new team of volunteers. and, i have a couple new volunteers who will be living near me. this will be a strange change. since i've lived here, there haven't been any other americans that live close.

next month, my peace corps team comes together for a meeting to discuss the middle of our service, and also to celebrate. there’s going to be a talent show. i wonder how i can present making mix-tapes as a talent?

also next month, my family is coming to visit bulgaria. this should be pretty rad. or at least an opportunity to show off my bulgarian skills in-front of people who don’t know how mediocre those skills are… we’re also going to spend some time in london and possibly greece.

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  1. You live an incredibly cool life Dan Sarles, keep on enjoying it like only you can do.